Dress is nearly finished, just buttons and hemming to do now! Can’t wait

Dress is nearly finished, just buttons and hemming to do now! Can’t wait

Pig body done!

Pig body done!

Today I am knitting a pig but which wig?

Today I am knitting a pig but which wig?

Mohair knitting wool is the devils work but determined to make a punk jumper. Its even called Sheena!

Mohair knitting wool is the devils work but determined to make a punk jumper. Its even called Sheena!

Apologies for the lack of posting…

Recently I have discovered the gym and its kind of taken over! (forgot about my blog too, oops!) The dress is coming along really nicely, its almost finished, the skirt just needs attatching the the waistband then sorted! So excited! Pics to follow soon

Evil Knitted Monkey

Been super busy over the last 2 weeks knitting the cymbal monkey from the Evil Knits book.

This was my first attempt on double pointed needles and they weren’t as daunting as they look! I do have a few things that helped though, firstly you just have to ignore the other needles other than the ones that you are using. Secondly I found it easier counting stitches rather than rounds.

All in all the pattern was quite easy to follow, with the help of the guides in the book and a few YouTube tutorials, and Im pleased with the results.

I love the evil monkey!

Dressmaking week 8

This session was plagued by Bernie. She did not want to play. Stitched a collar though!

Dressmaking Week 7 

So Tuesday was a 7th Dressmaking session (They are flying by!). Only just got round to typing it up because I haven’t had my laptop and can’t for the life of me type on my phone. Fat fingers strike again!

The lesson got off to a start with a Dressmaking version of a guess the word behind you game, kind of like the name game from that Richard and Judy thing but without the turning around. Our team got off to a flying start but snatched defeat from the jaws of victory . The Balance Wheel was our downfall. 

Next we went on to make scrap fabric flowers. Now I’m not a flowery person but really do like these and they will be great for jazzing up a plain pair of curtains that I have in my room. they are so simple to make too, just cut out a long strip of fabric, mine was 19”X 3”, and stitch the long edges together with a basic running stitch (just in out) gathering as you go. When it’s fully gathered pop in a few stitches to keep it in place and sew on a button. EASY AS THAT!

Next was time to get Bernie out. Bernie is the Bernina sewing machine that I use in class, even though she is old I like her for the power and the noisy clunk factor! Everyone knows when I sew! It also has a side loading spool holder which is easier for me than these newfangled top loading thingymajiggers!

I used it to sew up the darts marked out from my pattern. Darts are used to give a pattern some structure, to nip in the waist or back. They are easy to do, fold the fabric in half, sew from the bottom to the top pointed part, leave some string then press towards wherever the pattern says. I then sewn up the shoulders of the bodice and attached the interfacing to the armholes. 

It was soon time to pack up, just as I was getting into it. These dressmaking lessons pass too quickly but they do say that time flies when you’re having fun!

Toodly pip!

Pay Day Knitting Book Spree!

So it has literally JUST turned pay day and I’m a bit glum, so what better way to cheer up than with a few knitting books? I’ve decided on

Punk Knits - Is what it says, hoping for a holey jumper but if not there will be some really cheesy stuff going down. Cheesy punk is good by me!

Knitting Mochimochi - can’t resist cute little things and apparently has a good “How to” with the dreaded double pointed needles. Hoping to learn some new techniques and get my feet eaten by monsters. 

Evil Knits -  How evil does it look? It’s like it just came from the 7th circle of hell! look at that monkey! This book has awesome reviews. The only bad reviews are that some of the patterns are too simple. Simple = good for a relative beginner like me. 

Can’t wait for them to show up to get down to the wool shop and get started. Wonder which will show first? There will be more woolly creations heading to this site. 

The Bug!

Today I woke up and wanted to do more knitting! I do have a half knitted scarf upstairs but it seems too boring compared to knitting a tiny squishable. Pay day is next week and I have a few knitting books in mind. Sock rabbit time?